Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Visit from Courtney & Ava Grace

My dear college friend, Courtney, came up to Dallas with her 1 1/2 year-old daughter, Ava Grace, to visit for a couple of nights.  We had the best time hanging out with them, and I just loved getting to catch up with Courtney and sweet AG (who might be the most well-behaved child I have ever met!).  Some of our other college friends came to play as well (Ann & Colin, Cynthia, Sarah), and it was such a fun little semi-reunion.  

I don't know if he was acting up in response to AG's excellent behavior or if it had to do with his newfound super early wake-up time (5:30 a.m.!), but Charlie was a little toot for their visit.  He is SO extroverted and social that it is sometimes a little tricky with guests because he insists on being with them constantly.  It's not a big deal with grandparents, as they don't mind the constant presence, but I feel bad when he won't let my friends have a moment alone [even when they are sleeping--I was SO mad when Charlie snuck into the playroom in an effort to wake AG up].  But Courtney and AG were so sweet to him and he just loved them.  Charlie, despite his obsession with them, had a bit of trouble remembering their names at the beginning.  Several times he asked me, "what's my friend's name who's sleeping in the playroom?" or referred to AG as "my friend who sleeps in the playroom."  And Courtney was just "Ava Grace's mommy" until she insisted on being "Courtney."

Here are Charlie, Evie, and that girl who slept in the playroom (i.e, sweet Ava Grace!).
The girls, ready for a walk.  Charlie, characteristically, had to be in the single jogger until he saw the girls having fun.  Then he had to be in the double jogger.  Ugh!
Every girl needs a pair of pink sparkly Toms. :)
We had a fun picnic at the park with Colin.  It was SO hard getting all four busy kiddos to pose for a photo.  Notice Charlie, making a move with AG. :)
Evie was demanding food (picnic blanket usually = food, so she was getting very impatient), but Charlie was still holding tight to AG's hand. :)
Don't you love my polite little kids, stuffing their faces with PB&J? :)
We also took a trip downtown to the new Perot Museum.  The kids ran around from exhibit to exhibit and completely wore us out, but they had so much fun playing there together!  Here's Charlie driving AG around on the produce truck.

Happy little toot outside the Perot Museum.
So sweet. :)
Come back, Courtney and AG!  We miss you guys already!

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