Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rescue Vehicles, Race Horses, and Cinco de Mayo

We had a very Charlie-centric Saturday on May 5 (can you tell I have some catching up to do?).  We started things out with a trip to the park for my neighborhood's "safety day."  This event more than lived up to its unexciting name.
Charlie got to drive a police car... around in a fire engine...

...ride on a game warden boat...

...and then, when we thought things just couldn't get any better, a helicopter landed right next to where we were standing!  It was so cool watching it come down, and even better watching Charlie's face while it landed.  He really could not believe his good fortune.

Charlie was so excited to climb in the helicopter.  I had to restrain him several times to keep him from cutting in line to get in.

Finally, it was our turn.  You've never seen someone so excited.  It was NOT easy getting this guy out of the helicopter!
After watching the helicopter take off, we headed home and Charlie chattered nonstop about the various vehicles he had seen and sat in.  We took naps and then rushed out to a Kentucky Derby party.  And not just any Kentucky Derby party--this one had stick horses, a bounce house, and--much to Charlie's delight--snacks and juice boxes. :)  We then came home for a quick dinner and then headed over to the Stoltz's house for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Another hit for Charlie, as this party came with chips and salsa.  SUCH a fun day, capped off with a rousing rendition of Peter Rabbit as the party wound down (note Blythe's scarf and sunglasses--such a stylish little lady :).
 And here's a very exhausted Evie celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Bethany.  Evie was such a good sport all day, staying sweet and happy despite being run into the ground.  You've never seen anyone so happy to get into bed that night!
What a fun day!  So grateful for such fun friends to spend time with when Clint is working. :)

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