Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Fun Weekend with Papa & Ali

My parents came in town last week to see Charlie (and us...hopefully), and we had so much fun with them. Clint was on call most of the time they were here, but it was nice for me to have some company. We kept busy, busy, busy, and as a result, Charlie napped harder than he has in a long time. They accompanied us to Little Gym one afternoon, and Charlie loved the extra attention there. He also put on a quite a show for them, Sam, and Audra in the pool one afternoon, "swimming" wildly around (and doing quite well as long as one of us was holding him up :). Charlie had so much fun the whole time they were here--the only bad part was the day after they left, when he was missing them and in a terrible mood!

One of our favorite excursions was to the Children's Museum. Charlie and I hadn't been before and we loved it. It was exhausting, but totally worth it.

The dinosaurs fascinated Charlie. We didn't do the full dinosaur exhibit, but I think that will be so fun when he gets a bit older.
And he's off! The next two pictures crack me up. Charlie was definitely a "man on a mission" at the museum. He was completely busy and independent the entire time--he really did not care if we were there or not. :)

The fire engine was probably his favorite part: steering wheels at the front, stairs in the middle, and 2 slides at the back. How could anything be better??
But, we managed to leave the fire engine for a while and enjoyed the barnyard. Charlie loved riding horses and riding his John Deere "tractor" tricycle.
"Tractor" is our current favorite word (and book).
Although he felt that it was beneath him, Charlie let us relax for a few minutes while he enjoyed the 0-2-year-old play area.
After watching Mr. Barry's tricks at Little Gym, Papa helped Charlie perfect his forward roll on the mats. Charlie loved it!
Thanks for a great weekend Papa and Ahhh. We miss you guys!

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