Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Charlie's First Haircut

Charlie received a much-needed haircut right after Clint and I returned from France. His hair has been getting pretty long for a while, but I just hated the idea of cutting it. Charlie has pretty stick-straight hair, however, so it didn't really develop into angelic little curls or anything like that. So, in the end, I agreed that it was probably time for a trim. The big event took place at Pro Cuts in Seguin. For $9.99, we received a very nice haircut, a lock of sweet strawberry blonde hair, and a lovely certificate (certifying that Charlie "bravely" endured his first haircut :). What a deal!

Here's the shaggy little guy right before the big cut.
Here I am explaining Charlie's hair (straight-as-a-board) and style (stylish, yet understated).
And the cutting begins! The paci had to make an appearance, as someone was a bit nervous about all the fuss around him. I could not get over how big and adorable he looked in the cape. :)

It was difficult to cut the back of Charlie's hair, as he kept swiveling his head around to see what was going on behind him. I have no idea how she got it so straight!
Checking out his new look in the mirror...
...and he loves it! He decided to give his handsome new self a kiss. :)
Doesn't he look OLD?? Still cannot believe this guy is 1...

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  1. Yeah, the cape was one of my favorite parts for Andrew's first haircut. It lets you concentrate on their adorable, sweet faces. He looks great! Very handsome. :)