Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

7 Months Old!

I cannot believe that Charlie is 7 months old. Doesn't the first year just fly by? This past month has been full of new and exciting changes and lots of holiday excitement. Charlie is continuing to scoot (or army crawl) all around--he spins around, scoots backwards and forwards, and gets up on his knees. Although he can push up on his knees, he can't figure out how to crawl forward on them yet--he just rocks back and forth and smiles proudly. :) He has figured out how to move from a sitting position to a crawling position and just this morning figured out how to get from laying down to sitting up--we found him sitting up in his crib! He is starting to pull up on things and loves nothing more than to be able to stand at a table and gaze around a room.

Charlie is continuing to be quite the chatterbox and has ditched the ever-popular "goo" for "da-da-da," which I hear over and over while he's playing. He loves to screech and particularly likes it when I imitate his screeching sounds--I can always get him to laugh that way. Charlie already has the funniest little sense of humor and is even learning to laugh at himself (a bit). Sometimes when he's starting to whine I will whine back, imitating him, and it makes him just dissolve into laughter. I LOVE seeing this little personality develop and I hope that he continues to laugh at himself! He laughs for me and Clint easily now, particularly when we tickle him, throw him in the air or pretend to drop him on the ground (he is quite the daredevil!). Unfortunately, he has also been laughing when I sing him lullabies, which should not be funny!!

Charlie eats all kinds of different foods now, and luckily, is not too picky. He seems to like almost everything--except yogurt and cottage cheese. These foods come out as quickly as that little tongue can push them out. And we finally figured out what those big cheeks are for--Charlie uses them to store up cottage cheese curds, which dribble out slowly for hours after a meal. :)

Charlie loves all kinds of games, especially those that involve some element of danger (tosses or going upside down) or surprise (Peek-a-Boo). He still adores the Wheels on the Bus--I've really never seen anything like it; it can magically turn him happy no matter what mood he's in. We are now working on learning Wheels in Spanish (Las Ruedas Del Camion). :) He also adores his weekly Little Gym classes and will proudly demonstrate his back flip and forward roll for anyone that will watch (before you think he's too advanced, I should disclose that both of those tricks involve a lot more work on my part than his :). Charlie really has a great outlook on life in general--he assumes that each outing will be fabulous and each person we meet will adore him, and this outlook is serving him well thus far!

We had his 6-month appointment a month late, so his 7 month stats are:

Weight: 16 lbs., 8 oz. (15%)
Height: 28 inches (75%)
Head: ? cm. (50%)

Charlie's appointment went great, and he didn't mind his shots much at all this time. He is apparently a bit skinny (I'm skeptical about this because he looks pleasantly plump to me), so we have to go back for a "weight check" in a few weeks. Lots of avocados and yogurt for Charlie coming up!
Here's Charlie rocking back and forth. Still can't quite figure out how to move this way--he has to flop down on his stomach to really get going.
Lovely runny nose... :(
Someone was done with pictures!
Thank you for a wonderful 7 months little Charlie. I can't wait to see what month 8 brings!

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  1. Charlie is bringing back such happy memories for me. Andrew was doing that stuff right around the same age, and if you think it's good now, just wait til you remember it minus all the crying, dirty diapers, and sleep deprivation. So thank you, Charlie, for being a delicious cutie in your own right AND giving this mom a huge smile to start her day. :)