Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Trip to Austin & Seguin

Charlie here. My mom is running around unpacking and acting like she doesn't have time to blog, so I thought: "If I want cute pictures of myself posted on the Internet, I guess I'll just have to do it myself." Just wanted to update my public on my wild and crazy life. This week, my dad was on call a lot, so mom and I headed down to Seguin and Austin to visit some of our relatives. Our first stop was at Aunt Amy and Uncle Jack's house to see my cousins Samuel and Jane Ann. Those kids are really awesome. Samuel is super cool and Jane Ann is so sweet. I am pretty excited about playing with them more. I also heard that Aunt Amy is about to have another baby. Her name is going to be Charlotte, which is a pretty awesome name (if I do say so myself), and she's going to be almost my age. I think I'm going to have to teach her most of the important baby things (like how to find your hands, how to make your parents bounce you on an exercise ball, how to refuse to take a bottle, etc.), but that will be fun. Ok, enough small talk--on to the pictures.

We'll start with one of me in the Bumbo. Here I am exercising my core muscles. Notice my excellent form. And the way my wife-beater shows off my muscles. H-O-T.
Here's me, Samuel, Jane Ann, and a practice baby Charlotte. Is it just me, or do my hands look particularly delicious here?
After stopping at the Skaggs', we went on to Aunt Meg and Uncle Graeme's house for the night. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with Uncle Graeme, but let me tell you, he is super cool. I tried to smile a lot for him and tell him some funny stories, but it wasn't really clear whether he is old enough yet to understand them. I think in a few years, we will really get along nicely. Aunt Amy and Uncle Jack came over for dinner, but I decided to go on to bed and let the adults get some time to themselves. It sounded like they had lots of fun, but I think I had more fun in my travel crib.

Here I am with Aunt Meg before she headed off to work. I just wish she could have spent the whole day with us--she is so much fun! It's kind of cool that she looks like my mom but with different color hair. Sometimes I get a little confused by them.
After Aunt Meg left for work, my mom and I headed down to Seguin to see Papa, Grandma Ali, Grandma Dede, and the Reeds. Boy was that fun. Papa is a really good reader and read Good Night Moon over and over to me. Apparently he thought I only needed one book before bed (does he think I have the attention span of a newborn or what??), but I showed him.
Uncle Elam came by to say hi and see how much I have grown (a lot, in case you hadn't noticed). His first name is Charles, like mine, and I think he's a pretty great person to share a name with. I think we kind of look alike here, but he might have a little more hair than I do (this is a bit of a sore subject for me, but I'm dealing).
I just loved hanging out with Grandma Dede. She looks a lot like Grandma Ali and is also a lot of fun. She always brings the Reeds with her to visit, so that makes me like her even more!
Baby Katie turned 1 year old while I was there, although her real party isn't until this weekend (I am really bummed to have to miss it :(. Everyone said they couldn't believe she was 1 already, but I really didn't find it that unbelievable. She looks really big to me!
I worked really hard on a cake for her. My mom seemed to think my cake looked a bit rough, but seriously, what does she expect? I am still learning hand-eye coordination people!
I am so jealous that Katie has already figured out how to walk. I am going to have to remember to get her to show me how to do this!
Jack and Julia are my other favorite people to hang out with (except when Julia refers to me as a "she"; I guess I may need to pay more attention to what mom is dressing me in). They always have something fun and exciting going on and I am pretty happy just watching them play. Hopefully I will be big enough to play with them soon. Jack tells me that babies have 0 power levels but that 5-year-olds have a power level of about 540. Being 5 sounds awesome.
Thanks everyone for a wonderful trip! Although I was pretty pumped to get back to Dallas and see my dad, I miss you all lots! Happy Birthday Baby Katie!!

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