Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meeting the Varners and Playing with Blythe and Reid

Charlie was so lucky to have the Varners come all the way from Houston to visit him this weekend. After a long night on call on Friday night, Clint had all day Saturday off, so we took advantage of this time and had some fun. Courtney and Andy stayed with us, which was SO much fun--nothing better than staying up late and drinking wine with old friends. :)

Here are the Varners with Charlie. He was especially entranced with Courtney--I kept catching him staring at her and he was always very thrilled with she came over to chat with him or hold him. He has been missing her since she left!
Courtney and Andy went to Southwestern with me and Clint, where Courtney and I were sorority sisters and Clint and Andy were fraternity brothers. As a result, we share a lot of the same friends, which makes for fun get-togethers. The Varners organized a play date for Charlie with the kids of some of our other college friends. Erica brought little Blythe (Greg wasn't feeling well, but we hope he gets better soon!)...
And the Athertons brought little Reid.
George decided to join in the fun as well.
And Cynthia came over to play as well. Thanks for all the good food Cyn! :)
Charlie watched the older kids with a lot of interest (and a small amount of trepidation).
Blythe entertained Charlie and showed him how to do the exersaucer. We're still working on sitting up straight...
Blythe and Reid shared a romantic smooth for our amusement.
Post-kiss flirtation.
The stairs and the wagon were both very exciting.
But not exciting enough for Charlie...he had to take a quick cat nap to make it through the party.

Thanks everyone for coming to play and thank you Varners for a wonderful visit. We are all missing you guys already!!

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