Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lord Dude Goes To George's Christening

We had another wonderful weekend, this one full of fun company. Friday night was Clint's mom's last night with us (we miss her so!), so we went out to eat for her farewell dinner. On Saturday, my cousin Amy and her husband Jack (Samuel and Jane Ann's parents, and expecting a new baby cousin for Charlie in August) came up to Dallas for George's christening. They stayed with us and we had so much fun. It is always so special to spend time with them!
We started out the weekend with one of our many walks. Charlie loves his walks (and by "loves," I mean he always sleeps through them...see below :).
Here is Charlie resting up and waiting for Amy and Jack to arrive. Have I mentioned how much this guy loves his pacifier??

After a fun, celebratory dinner out on Saturday with the Skaggs and Gray clan, we went to George's christening on Sunday. Here is Charlie all decked out in his Sunday best.

Above, Charlie discusses his own baptism wishes with his dad. Below, Charlie cuddles with Jack's dad after George's baptism.

The Skaggs and the Burri (minus Samuel and Jane Ann).

Edward, George, Abbey, Amy, and Jack (Amy and Jack are George's godparents). George behaved so well during the service!

Sweet George.

After all the fun, Charlie decided he wanted a relaxing night at home. We bathed (which appears to be quite startling to Charlie here...:)

And then Lord Dude (check out his outfit) reclined and showed off his sweet fashion sense.

Capped off with a quick round on his playmat before bed...

What fun! Congratulations George!

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