Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Charlie's First (and Second) Bath

Charlie's umbilical cord fell off when he was about two weeks old, which meant that we could stop doing sponge baths (which he hated) and start real baths (which we were hoping he would like). Our first "real" bath experience--in the exalted Puj tub--was not so fun for little Charlie. He screamed the entire time, even when he was getting his hair washed--which he usually loves. He finally calmed down when we wrapped him up in his elephant towel, but there were more than a few sniffles even then.

We decided we would use a different tub for his second bath and see if that produced a different result. Thanks to my cousin Addie and her kids Jackson, Julia, and Katie, we had a hand-me-down tub on standby. Maybe it's because his big cousins used it or maybe it's because the second tub was more comfortable for him, but Bath #2 was a much happier experience for all of us. Charlie relaxed in the water and had quite a nice time. I think he got much cleaner this time as well, as he wasn't writhing around quite so much. :) Charlie and I both thank Jackson, Julia, and Katie dearly for the use of their tub! We think the Puj tub will be retired for now...

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