Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Week Old!

How time flies! Our sweet baby boy is already one week old, and it is hard to believe that his first week passed so quickly--and so peacefully. He is proving to be an unbelievably good baby, which has resulted in rested and happy parents. He eats like a champ, sleeps great, and is so fun to play with. He is also a great cuddler--there is nothing better than cuddling with him after he eats. We feel so lucky to be his parents!
Below are some pictures of our first week at home.
Charlie is starting to smile more and more. Although the photo is blurry, I just love this happy little smile!

He hasn't been in it too much yet, but he is starting to like his swing.

But his favorite activity is cuddling with his daddy after work.

Charlie loves a good swaddle before he gets into bed for the evening...

And REALLY loves his playmat. Charlie loves to lay on this mat on his stomach or his side and is just entranced by its black and white images.

Announcing his manhood to the neighborhood...

We also had Charlie's first doctor's appointment this week. It went quite well--the pediatrician congratulated us on a "perfect baby" (we agree :). Although Charlie hates being cold and naked, he suffered through the appointment like a champ. He weighed 7 lbs., 8 oz. when we left the hospital and was up to 7 lbs., 11 oz. at his appointment. They want him to be back up to his birth weight (8 lbs.) by next Tuesday. I think he's well on his way!

And finally, some bath time pictures of Charlie. He is not a fan of the sponge bath part, but loves cuddling in his towel after, loves having his hair washed, and especially loves having his hair brushed.

What a wonderful week...don't grow up too quickly little Charlie!

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  1. Katie,
    He is absolutely beautiful. Ya'll are doing a great job!!