Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charlie's Friends and Family

Charlie has been blessed with lots of friends and family, many of whom have been able to visit him in the days following his birth. He has so enjoyed getting to meet everyone and put faces to all the voices he heard while he was in the womb. :)
Here is Charlie meeting Grandma Ali (my mom) for the first time:
And relaxing with his Papa (my dad):

Charlie's Aunt Addie made the trip up from Corpus Christi to be at Charlie's birth. Charlie LOVES his Aunt Addie and was so excited that she was there to welcome him to the world. His Great-Aunt Dede (who is like another grandmother to him) came up from Seguin for the birth and it just kills me that we don't have a picture of her with Charlie. But she was behind the camera for most of the three days she spent in Dallas (and is responsible for almost all of the good hospital pictures I have), and somehow we missed a picture with her. Charlie wants Dede to come back to Dallas so they can get a photo together!

Charlie meeting his Mimi (Clint's mom) for the first time:

Charlie talking to his Pawpaw (Clint's dad) about how to be a good cowboy:

Charlie meeting his Aunt Sarah (my college roommate) who was in town for work when Charlie was born:

Charlie with his Aunt Ann (another one of my best friends from college). Charlie is so excited Ann is living in Dallas now!!

Charlie meeting Matt and Clare.

He loves the flowers they brought him! :)

My sister Meg, brother-in-law Graeme, brother Sam, and Sam's girlfriend Audra came up to Dallas to spend the weekend with Charlie. They arrived at home about the same time we did and we had so much fun spending the weekend together. Charlie loves his big rambunctious family!

Here he is with his Aunt Meg. He is in love. :)

Uncle Graeme gave him stock tips and helped him with his soccer skills.

Don't they look cute with a baby?? Charlie wants a cousin! :)

Staring contest with Uncle Sam...

And cuddling with Audra.

We've had more visitors since we arrived home.

Thomas and Allison (from V&E) stopped by to say hi:

And Mark and Jessica got to meet Charlie during their trip to Dallas.

Charlie loved cuddling with John and Caroline!

And was so excited to meet the Grays. He can't wait until he's big enough to play with his best friend George!

Although we've remembered to get our camera out for a lot of our visitors, there are also a lot that we've missed. :( Charlie sends a shout out to Erica and Leah, the Smiths, Manuel, Carmen and Taliana, Elizabeth, Susan, and all his other new friends. He has so enjoyed meeting all of you and can't wait to get to know you all even better!

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