Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Dallas Baby Shower

Some of my best girl friends in the world threw me a baby shower this past weekend up here in Dallas. Although the weather did not fully cooperate (it was freezing and we even had a few inches of snow on Saturday night!), the shower was incredible. It was held at my friend Ann's house and the house looked beautiful, the decorations were gorgeous, the food was wonderful, and it was so fun to see everyone. I just had the best day and will remember this day forever. It was so fun celebrating our little boy with so many wonderful friends. [Yes, I know I am using too many adjectives in this post, but it really was just such a special day for me. :)]

The food table looked incredible. And the food really was as good as it looks here... :)


Here I am with Corrine, a friend of mine who is due two weeks after me (also with a little boy). We are so excited that our little guy will have a little playmate!

My cousin, Addie, and my sister, Meg, came up to Dallas for the shower with my mom and my aunt. It was so fun to get to spend some time with them--they always make everything so much more fun!

I know that my eyes are closed, but it's the only picture I got with Meg (and she looks cute :).

Here I am with some of my best girls friends from college. It was so great to have all of them in town--Courtney and Sarah came in from Houston, Jordan and Jill came in from Austin, and Kelly came in from LA! (and Ann and Cyn are here with me in Dallas, but loved seeing them too :). Love you guys!

Kelly brought her 6 1/2 month-old son, Cooper, in from LA with her, so we went to see him after the shower. He is one of the cutest, sweetest, happiest babies I have ever seen--the kind that deceives you into thinking that being a mother won't be hard at all. :)

Thanks so much to all of my wonderful hostesses, and to everyone who came to the shower. I had a wonderful day, and Snuggie is now officially spoiled! We can't wait to put him in all of his new outfits and show him his fully-outfitted room.


  1. Hey Kate! It was awesome to see you! I'm so glad you liked the shower, it was fun working with the other girls to host it for you. I can't wait to meet Charlie! Talk to you soon. Love, Bodie

  2. so cute! i love the pictures. i am so impressed that you put two of me on here...this was my best day yet on the blog. :)