Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, February 28, 2010

How (Not) To Name a Fetus

Just this once, I'm allowing Clint in as a guest blogger to explain how our baby (really, our fetus, since this name is NOT going to continue past birth) got his nickname:

"Something that caught me unaware when friends and family started having kids was the tendency that soon-to-be parents have to name their fetuses. I did not really understand this phenomena until we found ourselves in the same predicament. You start feeling strange calling your unborn human "it;" I mean people don't even refer to their pets as "it." Unaware of the sex of the baby, you feel strange referring to it as "he," "she," or calling it one of the names you are considering. Katie and I were faced, in naming our fetus, with the first of many decisions to make during this pregnancy. As you know, the King of Pop died on June 25th. When we found out we were pregnant in September, the tabloids and newspapers were still filled with speculation about the cause of death. Katie and I had watched the bizarre documentary, "Living with Michael Jackson," by Martin Basheer, and I was reminded of "Blanket," the nickname of MJ's youngest testube experiment. In the show, MJ states that he calls the poor kid Blanket, because he "blankets me with his love," which I thought was really funny/creepy. Out of respect for the King of Pop, I was convinced we should call our little guy "Blanket." Katie, who has a very low creepy tolerance, felt that this name was inappropriate. Soon after this conversation, a commercial for "Snuggie," the blanket with the arms, came on, and I knew we had found our name (still "Blanket," but updated for 2010). He has all the warmth and coziness of a blanket, but with all the functionality of a shirt. Any derivation of Snuggie is acceptable--Snugs, Snuggers, Nuggie, Nug, Snuggaloo, Snuggles, etc. "

And although these photos are old (they are from his 18-week sonogram), I had to include them.
Little Snuggie's feet:

Little Snuggie's face:


  1. So have ya'll come up with a name for the baby yet? Not the fetus, but the baby? Luckily we started calling ours the twins, now when we think about the future, it's the girls.

  2. haha -- i love this. i think clint should be invited back for more guest posts!