Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evie: 11 Months Old!

I cannot believe my sweet girl is 11 months old...and only a couple weeks away from 1!  What a wonderful, wild, exciting month this has been.  Evie set her determined little mind to walking this month and after lots of hard work, took off.  She is now walking around everywhere.  She especially loves carrying things, and it looks so funny to see such a tiny little person carrying large (empty) boxes around the house.  She has got to be the least cuddly baby ever.  She doesn't like to be held or cuddled, and is always fighting me to get to the ground.  She'll let me hold her to feed her, but catapults off my lap the second she empties her bottle.  She is too busy for most books right now (unless she is in just the right mood), but may sit still for one interactive book (she loves Pat the Bunny).  Don't be fooled by her sweet little face--this girl will scream if someone other than me or Clint tries to pick her up.  She doesn't mind other people...but likes them to keep a safe distance. :)

Along with walking, Evie has come to love playgrounds this month.  She screeches in excitement when she sees one, and lunges from my arms to get down and play.  She climbs all over the equipment and shoots down the slides.  She loves swinging, but I think she really prefers climbing and sliding.  I have another fearless baby on my hands, which is fun, but exhausting--I cannot turn my back on Evie for a minute.  In addition to playground equipment, she is climbing all over our furniture.  We haven't had too many bad falls, but I have had several bad scares when I see her tottering on top of a couch or chair.  I'm not sure that I'll be able to get much done while she's awake for the next few months!

We are still working on talking, but Evie has a few favorite sounds.  She says "Dada" all the time, but it seems to be more purposeful lately (she yelled "Dada!" the other day when Clint came in the room).  She also loves to say "ta-da!" when we encourage her to.  And she said "bye!" to someone the other day.  So not too much talking so far, but she seems to understand quite a bit (she is following directions pretty well--her best is throwing her paci in the crib after a nap; it is done VERY emphatically, and followed by wild clapping :).  Evie learned to clap this month, and loves this new skill.  Her walking (and any achievements, hers or anyone else's) get enthusiastic applause.  She still loves to spit, and will do this back to anyone when prompted.

At 11 months, Evie is sweet, happy, giggly, and tough.  She somehow manages to keep up with her big brother, and those two laugh and play all day long.  They are so funny together, and keep each other so entertained.  As exhausting as the first few months of Evie's life were, it was SO worth it, as they are turning into the best little playmates.  I love seeing her personality (including a nasty little temper when you take away something that Evie wants) develop.  I could not love this little girl any more!

While we were in Seguin for Meg's baby shower, my mom and I took Charlie and Evie to the pumpkin patch at my old church.  The kids had a great time playing and exploring there.  Evie loved picking out and trying to carry the pumpkins.  It was pretty funny watching her work.

I love this little profile, especially the diaper-with-skinny-jeans look. :) 

No post on Evie would be complete without her partner in crime (who insisted on wearing his boots everywhere in Seguin, just in case he was required to rush out to La Vernia for a Ranger ride).

Love you sweet Evie!

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