Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Transition to a Family of 4

It has been interesting transitioning to a family of four.  Evie has made it so much easier than it otherwise could be with her sweet, calm disposition.  She doesn't demand much at all, and is a wonderful, cozy little cuddler.  Perfect for these cold fall days. :)  Charlie has been doing really well as well, after a tough couple of days when we first arrived home.  I think Charlie was overwhelmed with all the changes, with his parents being gone for three nights, with a new little person coming home with them, with his schedule being (slightly) disrupted, and especially with my physical restrictions following the c-section (no stairs, no picking up Charlie, etc.).  The hardest thing for me is not being able to pick up Charlie--it makes me so sad when he cries and I can't sweep him up and make it better.  There were several tantrums the first few days, but after the weekend, things settled down a bit, and Charlie quickly returned to his old, sweet, hilarious self.  He seems to find Evie very amusing--he especially loves it when she opens her eyes and looks at him.  He also likes to hold her, but he's quickly becoming pretty bored with her (which is awesome, as it means less risk of little hands getting to her :).  AND, he's getting better and better at playing independently, which will be great going forward.  I'm starting to really enjoy having two kids--especially when Evie makes Charlie giggle.  [I am still terrified about my mom leaving me alone with these two munchkins.  Trying not to think about that. :)]

Sweet big brother loves giving kisses.
 He finds her funny faces endlessly amusing.
 Charlie demanded the Boppy pillow for holding Evie tonight.  He likes the extra support it provides. :)
 Charlie finds Evie's tummy time pretty funny.  When she's down there, he likes to lay down and look at her, and he says "Eeeeeeviiiieeee" in a loud voice.  Then he gets bored and goes back to his tractor. :)

Evie's doing really well with her tummy time (she's been doing it in interesting places (tabletops, bathroom floors during Charlie's bath, etc.) in order to stay out of danger (and by danger, I mean Charlie)).  She will stay on her mat for quite a while and even lifts her head and moves it back and forth.  She is a strong little baby!  
 Clint has lots of little people to cuddle with when he gets home.  So far, Charlie's been surprisingly nice about sharing.

All in all, the transition has gone much better than I expected.  And we feel so, so lucky to have these two sweet babies!

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  1. It looks like y'all are doing wonderfully!! Evie is just beautiful, Katie. I cannot wait to meet her. SO happy for y'all!!