Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Three-Ring Circus

As I start parenting my two little munchkins on my own (during the day; Dada is very helpful in the evenings, of course :), I am starting to feel a bit like we are a three-ring circus.  Baths last night were an interesting experience.  Clint was working late, so I decided to go for it on my own.  Charlie did a pretty good job of playing by himself in the tub while I nursed Evie (who did her part by nicely enjoying some tummy time between sides while I scrubbed Charlie).  Then I decided to bath Evie, who hadn't had a bath in a few days, and was starting to smell like spit-up.  This bath was a bit more hectic, as I had a naked Charlie quickly dismantling my bathroom while I scrubbed his little sister.  Then, just as I got her wrapped up in a warm towel and was patting myself on the back for having two clean kids, Miss Evie spit up all over me, herself, and the clean towel.  I got that cleaned up (while Charlie continued to tear around the bathroom), but before I could get a diaper on her, Evie pooped in the towel!  So her bath was probably in vain, except for teaching me that I really need to move faster with the diaper. :)

Today's lunch was also wild, as both kids decided they were starving at the exact same time (I have been blessed with children who go from 0-60 in about 5 seconds, especially when they are hungry).  Poor Evie had to scream for a few minutes while I rushed around getting Charlie's lunch ready.  Then both kids got to eat at the same time, although both seemed slightly peeved that they weren't getting my full attention. :)  [This scene was replayed again at dinner, so apparently I need to re-work my meal routine a bit!]

Breastfeeding is also interesting with an 18-month-old running around.  Charlie doesn't seem to mind me feeding Evie (he keeps noting that I'm feeding her with my "belly button" (??)), but he likes to get into mischief while I do.  So far, this has included hurling himself at us over and over.  This would have been annoying, but he was giggling so hard that it was difficult to get mad at him.  Charlie also likes to fill my lap and hands with his favorite trucks and tractors while I'm feeding her.  Poor Evie spent the majority of her feedings today covered in construction vehicles. :(

It is such an interesting shift when you have your second child.  I couldn't imagine seeing Charlie as anything other than a precious little baby before Evie was born, but ever since I arrived home from the hospital with her, I have seen large danger signs flashing over his head  (for good reason, as we've had a couple of near-accidents).  But as soon as I get discouraged about all the craziness, Charlie's sweet, hilarious little personality wins me over (and helps me overlook the danger :).  Charlie's new thing is to say "I kiss, I kiss," which means that he wants to kiss Evie on the head.  He does this many, many times a day and does it so sweetly every time.  I have also been working with him on being "gentle" with Evie, and the praise-hound has really been enjoying this new concept.  After I cheered him on for being gentle with Evie today, he was very gently touching other people/objects (my hand, Clint's hand, his trucks, the sofa, etc.), and then turning around for applause.  It was pretty cute--and he does seem to have gotten the hang of it!  Charlie is also getting in the helpful spirit.  Today, I started feeding Evie in the chair without my Boppy pillow and Charlie ran over with it and wedged it under her.  I was kind of wanting it, so it was really nice to have a helper!

Overall, my favorite thing about having two kids is watching Charlie smile and laugh at Evie.  Below are three pictures we took while Charlie was holding Evie.  She sneezed while he was holding her and it absolutely cracked him up.  He was laughing so hard here--it was pretty cute.

Charlie also loves to entertain Evie during her tummy time.  He was laying down with her today, making silly faces at her and giggling, and I swear she smiled back.  I know it's too young for her to be smiling, but it really looked like she was grinning at him.  Charlie thought so too, and it pleased him immensely.  The only problem with having my "helper" during tummy time is that he has much more stamina for it than Evie does.  He doesn't understand why she gets tired and wants to be picked up after a few minutes, and protests loudly when I retrieve her.  Poor Evie got a little more tummy time than she wanted today, because Charlie's insistent "again! again! please! please!" was hard to say no to. :)
I love these two little people...and even when things are hectic around here, at least they are entertaining!

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  1. Oh man, Katie, I am in awe of you. I'm sure you're realizing that 18ish months is the real beginning of the terrible 2s. Add a newborn to the mix . . . well, let's just say I am sending you a constant virtual hug! Your babies are both gorgeous, and I'm happy you are finding happiness with them. In the moments you want to throttle your toddler, know that you are SO not alone!