Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's COLD Outside (and In)

It is COLD in Dallas today! It is -3 outside (with windchill) and, thanks to our drafty old house, not much warmer inside. :( The winter storm swept through yesterday, shutting everything down (except the hospital...poor Clint is still working hard). The roads are very icy, and Texas drivers do not know how to drive on ice, so everyone is very stirred up. Charlie and I haven't ventured out yet, but we're getting a bit stir crazy, so I'm guessing we'll get out before too long.
Our house is so cold that I have Charlie in his warm hat and another layer of clothes under his sleeper. We've also been wrapped up in our Slanket (thanks Dad :).
Cabin Fever.
The icy view from our front door (this is as far as I got :).
I've been coming up with inventive indoor games. Fort building and pulling up on the dishwasher are the current favorites.
When Clint got home last night, he built us a fire in our fireplace. It was SO warm and cozy; just the perfect end to our cold, cold day. Charlie really loved the fire--I think he could have stared at it all evening. Clint and I tried to give Charlie his bottle by the fire before bed, but he couldn't relax enough to eat--the fire was just too enticing. :)

Stay warm everyone!

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