Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doctors Appointments, Weekend Fun, and Musings about Milk...

What a nice weekend we had! On Friday night, we went out to dinner with some of our best friends, and the parents of Snuggie's future friend George. On Saturday, we had a full-day childbirthing class. It was fairly helpful (Clint thinks about 10% of it was useful), but a bit of a marathon. There was a lot of information (some of it fairly graphic), and one of our classmates (a dad, not a preggers mom!) almost fainted during our hospital tour. As those of you who know me know, I don't handle hospitals or blood very well and had been feeling a bit queasy during the day, so I was very glad that I was not the fainter! Most of the class focused on natural birthing techniques, but they did touch on c-sections a bit and that was helpful. But I don't know whose idea it was to actually show a video of a c-section--there is a reason that they put a screen in front of the mother during the surgery people! I think Clint was the only person in the room who actually enjoyed the video--I kept my eyes covered the entire time. :) On Sunday, I ventured ever so slightly into frantic nesting mode. I think I freaked Clint out a bit--he seemed very worried that I was about to go into labor. But now Snuggie has clean sheets and clothes, my closet and drawers are cleaned out and organized (not sure why that seemed to matter so much to me), Clint's drawers are organized (again, not entirely clear on why that had to be done), and Snuggie's car seat is securely installed in the car.

I think part of the impetus for the frantic nesting came from my grocery trip earlier that morning, when I purchased milk and cottage cheese that expire after my due date! Notwithstanding the fact that it's a little weird that these dairy products don't expire for over 4 weeks, it is so strange to be purchasing things that won't expire until after Snuggie has arrived. I shared this with Clint and I don't think he really understood the significance--he said "I'll be sure to throw the milk and cottage cheese away before we come home from the hospital." :)

We also got a visit from some of our favorite people on Sunday--my cousin Amy, her husband Jack, and their adorable kids Samuel and Jane Ann (and a future baby girl cousin for Snuggie, due in August!). We had so much fun visiting with Amy and Jack and playing with the kids--they are the cutest things!
Samuel & Jane Ann loved our red couch...

And Jane Ann was very excited to play in Snuggie's crib:

Amy and I compared bellies--I think I'm beating you Ames! :)

Clint's fun idea of a "game"--throwing a huge exercise ball down the stairs for the kids to catch. They loved it, but I don't think poor little Jane Ann knew that she barely avoided being knocked over. :)

Because pictures are always more fun when you're upside down...

My final news to report is that I had a doctor's appointment yesterday that went very well. My fluid levels were still normal, and Snuggie is continuing to grow perfectly. He is still breech and seems very content staying that way, so we went ahead and scheduled a c-section for Tuesday, May 11. I cannot believe that we have a date on the calendar (and that it's only 3 weeks away!). I am so excited for the little man to get here!!


  1. I love the smiles on your face Katie when you are playing with children! It's just natural and you are going to be a wonderful mother. Yikes, May 11! Go to bed.

  2. Ok, you have me laughing. Nesting...I did about 2 weeks before Paige got here. I cleaned our whole bedroom, I don't know why I started on our bedroom, but realized I'd lost my mind when I vacuumed the matress pad...while it was still on the bed. I was exhausted after that and finally quit, but yes, nested. Then Paige came 2 weeks later.

    I love to hear Clint said he'd throw out the dairy before you got home, they really just don't get it!

    Don't be scared of the hospital. Honestly, I'm looking so forward to being back. I've been there quite a bit lately for the non stress tests and I really miss the birthing rooms and just being there. I know, I'm probably the only one who really liked being there. The first time I went in for the NST, I was in room 1, the same room I had Paige in. Laying in the same bed, I'd assume, looking out the same window. It was surreal. I hope I'm able to be in the same room again. There is blood, I hope you don't get nauseas, but when you look at your Snuggie and Clint is right there with you, nothing else in the world will matter. Just think about seeing your son for the first time and don't let a little blood stop you from the greatest joy of your life!

  3. OMG, we have a date of May 11! It is so strange that both of our babies were breech because I hear it's like a 4% chance. Nothing to fear, the c section is easy breazy and all that matters are your two little men.Your heart is about to expand in ways you never thought possible. Sending you good vibes and we can't wait to see you guys and bring a meal, but don't worry, we'll give you plenty of recoup time. Lots and lots of love.