Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, April 10, 2010

34 Weeks

Snuggie and I went to my OB for our 34-week appointment on Friday. We got to have a sonogram, which showed that stubborn little Snugs is still happily in a breech position, so unless he figures out a way to turn himself around, it looks like we are looking at a c-section around May 12 (slightly over 4 weeks away!!). And Snuggie is also growing like a weed--the sonogram technician estimated his weight at almost 6 pounds! The sonogram also showed that my amniotic fluid was a bit on the low side. I think it's probably a result of all of my activity on the trip and at work this week, but my doctor put me on "modified" bed rest for the weekend, and we're going to check my fluid levels again on Monday. We then spent 30 minutes on a fetal monitor to check on Mr. Snugs. His heart rate couldn't have looked better, but I found out that I had 5 (irregular) contractions during that 30-minute time period! I had no idea I was having any at all, so I was very surprised to hear that I was having so many. Apparently many women have contractions during their third trimester that they can't feel--you just don't find out about it unless you are monitored. Who knew?

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  1. Katie!!

    I had those same contractions with Samuel and I had no idea I was having them. I went to an appointment and she asked me if I could feel the contraction and I couldn't. SO weird! JA was a different story. I felt Braxton Hicks from about 20 weeks on and I am already feeling them with Little Bud. CRAZY!! You hang in there, girl, and take it easy. Know that we cannot wait to meet baby Charlie. I cannot even believe that you are 34 weeks. The time FLEW for me!! ;-) LOVE YOU SO!!