Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Evie: 9 Months Old!

Evie is 9 months old now and is starting to seem like so much more of a kid than a baby.  I can't believe how busy she has become this month.  Any dreams I had of having a calm, cuddly little girl have been shattered this month--this girl is wild and crazy!  She is crawling all over the place and has gotten so fast.  She pulls up on everything, walks around while holding onto furniture or a wagon, stands by herself for fairly long periods of time, and even climbs up the stairs (this has resulted in a few bad tumbles, but no broken bones as of yet :).  She loves our outings and although she still gets nervous around new people, she is getting more and more independent.  She loves our playgroups and has really started to mix it up with the big kids.  It was so cute today to watch her standing at a play kitchen and "playing" with two older girls.  She was so pleased with her big self. :)

Evie's biggest love is her sweet brother.  When we go to get him up from his nap, she gets so excited that she starts screeching and wildly kicking her legs before we even go in his room.  As soon as we get in, she starts diving for his crib--she loves getting in there with him and playing.  Evie always laughs at Charlie, no matter what he's doing.  Unfortunately, the word "poo-poo" cracks her up, which encourages him even more.  They play and laugh so much lately--I hear them giggling in the car, at meals, under the dining room table, and in the playroom.  Charlie is a great teacher, and loves to help Evie learn new tricks.  She really likes to copy sounds (especially spitting and screeching).  Evie also really loves music and dancing.  As soon as we turn the music on for our nightly dancing, so starts dancing and screeching (apparently, after reading over my post, Evie does a lot of screeching :).  She giggles and smiles so widely while we're dancing that it looks like her little face will break.  Evie also loves her daddy.  She is pretty clingy with me right now and doesn't like to stray too far, but she will always pick Clint over me.  She gets really excited when he gets home from work and just loves for him to carry her around with him.

Evie doesn't have any real words yet, but she is babbling a lot.  She says a lot of "dada," "baba," and "nana."  She's said "ba!" a few times while we're playing with a ball (another of her favorite things), but I'm not totally convinced she means ball yet. :)

Evie has a few tricks up her 9-month sleeve: she waves bye bye, plays "so big!" (which involves throwing her hands up in the air when we ask how big Evie is), and plays peek-a-boo, and copies a number of sounds.  She is starting to love reading, although she doesn't have a ton of patience for it.  We have to talk fast to get her to sit still for a whole book.  She loves turning pages right now, and I get in major trouble if I linger over a page too long.  She really just wants to keep them turning!  Her favorite books are Pat the Bunny and Pat the Cat (and really any touch-and-feel book).

According to our pediatrician, Evie is: Weight: 17 pounds, 14 ounces (45%)
Height: 28 inches (75%)
Head: 17.75 inches (75%)

According to us, the little mouse is just perfect! :)

Here is the mouse herself, in all of her 9-month-old glory:

I love this ruffled backside. :)

We tried to take a few pics inside, but there was just too much distraction.  Notice the 2 bruises on her forehead--her newfound mobility is fairly dangerous!

I see this determined little face all the time.  She is the most hard-working, determined little baby I've ever seen.  When Evie gets a goal, whether it's crawling, pulling up, standing, or obtaining one of Charlie's toys, you can bet she will accomplish it.  She just does not get discouraged!

Charlie's matchbox cars are his most prized possessions, and as a result, Evie thinks they are the biggest prizes.  She loves to find a stray one lying around or, better yet, get into the whole stash when Charlie's not looking...

We love you little mouse!

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