Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

We had a busy, fun, wild Super Bowl Sunday.  We hosted some of our friends for the big game and it was so much fun.  With 11 adults and 4 kids in our living room, I didn't watch much of the game, but I enjoyed all the food and had fun talking to everyone and watching the kids run around.  Charlie, as usual, loves a crowd and once he warmed up to everyone, had a blast.  He ate way too many chips (stealing them from our guests' plates once I stopped letting him have his own) and big cheese (queso), but only complained once that his tummy hurt. :)  Evie enjoyed her first Super Bowl party, but was happy to return to a more calm day today!

Here's Charlie preparing for the game.  He and Clint played football outside before our guests arrived.
 Here's Evie, relaxed and calm, with no idea what's about to hit her...
Sam and Audra were first to arrive, and the kids were so excited to see them.  Can you tell our kids don't get to watch much TV?  They were both glued to the screen!
[Note Evie's outfit: she was in her first pair of skinny jeans and a big bow.  Clint was horrified. :)]
 The moms and babies.  As usual, Colin was on perfect behavior all evening and Blythe was adorable--she always steals the show. :)

And what a game, by the way!  I did get to watch the last few minutes, and loved the suspenseful finish.  I was cheering for the Patriots (always loyal to my Boston teams), but was impressed the Giants pulled it off.

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  1. "Big cheese". This kid cracks me up with his "big" assessments.