Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, July 23, 2010

Charlie's Buddies

Charlie was a lucky guy this week--he got to have play dates with two of his best friends. We are still working on staying perky (or even awake) for our play dates, but for now, I am just enjoying getting to visit with some of my friends (not that Charlie isn't entertaining on his own). Charlie behaved reasonably well for both of his play dates, though he was a bit more sociable with George than he was with Trey.

First, my friend Abbey brought her 10 1/2 month old son George over for a visit. George is exactly 8 months older than Charlie and is so cute and sweet. He is much more exciting than Charlie--he actually sits up, crawls, and eats solid foods!

Here's Charlie sharing his toys with George (kind of--apparently Charlie did not let George actually get on his very exciting play mat with him). And before you start thinking I am a terrible mother, I know those shorts are huge on him. He pooped on the navy shorts we have in the 0-3 month size right before George came over, and so he got prematurely bumped up to his bigger ones. :)
George and Charlie hanging out. Don't they look like trouble?
George apparently thinks Charlie looks like trouble too. Here he is getting Charlie under control for me. Don't worry guys, he's not going anywhere now!
George being sweet (and making sure Charlie knows who's boss--those extra 8 months don't mean nothing!).
Still sweet (but still making sure Charlie doesn't forget who's bigger :).
Another friend, Elizabeth, brought her 7-week son Trey over for a visit. Trey was born 3 weeks after Charlie, but is working hard to catch up with him. They will be in day care together this fall, which I am so excited about. Trey is so cute and behaved so much better than Charlie at our play date!
Here are Charlie and Trey playing at Trey's house a few weeks ago...
And here they are now--they're growing so fast! I know this picture is terrible, but I only had a split second to get it before Charlie got too upset. I woke him up from a nap to eat and could not get him perky afterwards. Hopefully Trey's short-term memory hasn't developed too well yet, or Charlie might not get him back to play!
The gracious host--he can barely hold himself together, even with a paci.
Trey, meanwhile, smiled and cooed for the camera. He is so sweet!
See what I mean? Charlie, see what you were missing?
Charlie's foul mood continued into the evening. Here is his requiring some bouncing after dinner. He looks innocent, but he's really not.

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  1. Charlie, I can tell your mother is telling lies about look perfectly sweet and content! I'm not buying it... :)